Buddies Unsupervised


Jesse Stone and you are alone at home! You are telling him repeatedly that your mom left, because he is very focused on studying. Once he heard you, you start to think about something to do together. You both start to play and laugh: you pose with your t-shirt off, showing your muscles. After the laughing there is a switch in your mood because you start to feel horny by seeing Jesse’s fit body. You start to caress each other once you realized that both are hard. You kiss and put a hand inside each other’s trousers, to start masturbating.Jesse Stone kneels because he is eager to give you pleasure: he takes out your cock and starts a blowjob. His tongue and mouth around your dick make you feel an electric pulse passing through your body. Then, you give him a blowjob so he can feel the pleasure that you felt. Now it’s time to fuck: he sits on top of you in reverse cowboy, so you can see how his butt approaches to you while your cock gets into his ass. You keep having sex in cowboy, doggy or missionary. By his moans you can see that he loves to fuck with you. You finish by masturbating so you can cum in his mouth!

Date: 8 апреля, 2024

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