Carter Woods & Justin Matthews in Brother’s Peeper


Creeper Carter Woods has been spying on his step-brother for way too long, and he’s had enough of it. Justin Matthews figures he might as well give Carter an eyeful of what he wants to see, and laughs as Carter jacks off to his strip tease. But the joke’s on him when Carter dares him to put it in his mouth. Justin thinks it’s ok to look but he thinks it’s weird for step-brothers to get physical, but Carter assures him it won’t be weird after they do it. Justin hesitates but listens to Carter- after all, he is a little older- and puts it in his mouth. He feels his step-brother throbbing in his mouth but he doesn’t stop, and Carter can tell he likes it. By the time Carter suggests Justin bend over for Carter to fuck him, Justin is done protesting and instead, spreads his hole wide. Carter has his fill of Justin’s hole, and the two step-brothers switch on and off, each fucking the other, before Justin takes his final ride, shooting his first family load all over his step-bro as Carter pulls out and does the same, coating himself in a double batch of family jizz as Justin exhales. True to his word, Justin doesn’t feel weird at all… in fact, he wonders why they haven’t done this sooner. Enjoy!Brother’s Peeper is bonus content for Next Door Studios members and was originally released on nextdoortaboo on November 25th 2019.

Date: 13 июня, 2023

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