Chaos Men Update: Jeremy Robbins & Simon Best


Jeremy Robbins and Simon Best have great chemistry. They immediately get started making out and rubbing each other’s dicks through their clothes before Simon has Jeremy peeling off his jeans so Simon can get to work on Jeremy’s big, uncut cock. Simon expertly throats and sucks Jeremy’s hard dick, taking a good face-fucking before Jeremy decides it’s time for Simon to get some head, too. For a guy that primarily likes the ladies, Jeremy really seems to enjoy Simon’s dick, and Simon really seems to enjoy Jeremy working it. Jeremy deepthroats Simon and then begins massaging and sucking Simon’s balls, making Simon throw his head back. I guess Simon really enjoys having his nuts played with. Still rock-hard, Jeremy grinds against Simon while stroking their uncut cocks together. Jeremy works his way down to Simon’s hole, licking and tongue-fucking it while Simon moans. Jeremy gets Simon’s ass ready for a good pounding. Simon gets doggy-style and Jeremy slowly presses his cock deep into Simon’s tight hole — they’re up to speed in no time, and they’re both clearly enjoying it. Jeremy grabs Simon by the throat, pulls him up and kisses him while pounding his ass. Jeremy moves Simon on to his side and continues to fuck his ass on the bed. Simon is down for anything and loves the way Jeremy’s dick feels deep inside him. Jeremy pauses for a moment to suck Simon’s dick some more, then goes back to fucking him. Jeremy spins Simon around on the bed one more time and fucks Simon on his back while Simon works up a load. It doesn’t take long for Simon to shoot a thick one all over the bed and himself while Jeremy pounds away deeper and harder until he pulls out and shoots all over Simon’s stomach and chest. Between the two of them, they made quite a mess!

Date: 15 июня, 2023

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