Cyber Dreams


“Welcome to CyberDreams”, says the Xavier Gold, who appears in a hologram in front of you. You’ve entered in a new simulation game where you can explore your sexual fantasies in a virtual real world. You wanted to have something special for this New Year, so you chose to start the number 24 simulation scene… and Dean Menance and Pietro Duarte appear in front of you, naked. Dean kneels to give Pietro a blowjob, while you look at them.But now you change your mind and you want a spicier one… the number 29 simulation scene is perfect, because there Xavier Gold, Dean Menance and Pietro Duarte will have an orgy with you! They give you a blowjob at the same time that they lick your nipples; you see how they touch each other, how they slap each other’s butts and how they masturbate; you fuck with them, sticking your cock inside one’s ass while the others kiss and touch. You keep fucking in different positions as reverse cowboy, and you stick your dick inside everyone’s asses. At the end, you masturbate and cum on the tongues of the three of them while they watch your cock. This was the best way to start the new year!

Date: 3 января, 2024

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