Doing Laundry


Pietro Duarte and you are folding some clothes at your parent’s house. He is speaking nice about your parents but then, he stops for a moment and tells you that he knows that it is their home… but he can’t hold himself any longer because you’ve been some days without sex. He starts to touch you and you start to feel horny enough to fuck with him. But you have to be quiet because they are sleeping!He undresses you and starts to a loving blowjob: he slowly introduces it inside his mouth, and you feel the warmth of his big lips around your dick. You both are very aroused and you start to have sex. He does the doggy position so you stick your cock inside his ass. Then, he turns around and you fuck him in missionary-style while you touch his chest muscles. He does the cowboy and reverse cowboy too. He can’t hold any longer and he cums over you. But then, he gives you another blowjob for you to cum inside his mouth while he sucks your dick.

Date: 17 октября, 2023

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