Don’t Steal My Clothes!


Axell Rec is rummaging through the closet for his favorite shirt, intending to wear it tonight. Suddenly, he looks at you, as you’re lying on the bed, and notices that you’re wearing the shirt. He climbs onto the bed and with a smile, asks you to return it. You gesture for him to take it, suggesting he undress you. With a seductive Spanish accent, he asks if you’d prefer him to take off something else instead…That’s the moment that he takes all your clothes off and takes your cock. He kisses your chest passionately. Then, he gives you a blowjob, sticking your cock very deep inside his mouth to give you as much pleasure as he can. After that he licks your ass, making you very hard. Then, he sticks his dick inside you while you grab your cock to jerk off. You keep having sex until both of you cum!

Date: 13 июня, 2024

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