Hot Locker Room


Jamie Sanders comes to change in the locker room where you are after a rigorous sports session. You notice his naughty gaze upon you, a hint of attraction evident in his eyes. You find yourself reciprocating his attention, your own gaze drawn to his form as you undress. The locker room changes its vibes to become the hottest spot, being charged with unspoken desires. Your movements become more deliberate, each article of clothing shedding away to reveal more of your skin, mirroring Jamie’s own subtle provocations. Jamie starts to touch himself over his towel, igniting the fire between you two.You touch each other and start kissing before he says whispering to your ear: “I’m gonna suck your big cock”. It turns you on very much, and your hardness increases. He kneels and he licks your dick from bottom to top before sticking it inside his mouth to give you a blowjob. Then, he gets on top of you and you stick your cock in his ass. You fuck him in missionary, reverse cowboy and doggy. His fit body against yours makes you feel he hugest pleasure of your life and the spot where the sex is happening turns you on even more. After you both cum, he says that he will wait for you tomorrow at the same place.

Date: 18 апреля, 2024

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