I Love Your Little Toys


You are lying in bed with Magnus Loki. Playfully, Magnus asks you if you had fun in the previous night’s own party, because you had a threesome! He tells you if you are prepared for another round of passion. The answer is unspoken but evident when Magnus’s hand grazes your bulge, finding it already hardened with desire. In response, he leans in, and kiss you sensually before he gives you a slow and tender blowjob. Just as the intimacy deepens, Eros Manos awakens and joins you.You start by touching each other’s dicks. They give you a blowjob taking turns to lick your cock and they play with a dildo and stick it inside of you before having sex. Then, both have a huge desire for you so they take turns to masturbate you while they fuck you. You have sex in different positions as the threesome goes on. At the end, you cum in Magnus’ mouth.

Date: 13 марта, 2024

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