Miami Vice


On a holiday with your partner, Joseph Hart, you find yourselves lounging by a pool, surrounded by the beauty of your vacation retreat. While you express a desire to explore Miami, Joseph has other plans, suggesting you make the most of your time there, next to the pool and taking a sunbath. With a persuasive charm, he encourages you to indulge in relaxation. Drawing closer, he wraps you in his embrace, his lips meeting yours in a tender kiss, his touch conveying a promise of shared passion.The next thing he does is take your swimsuit off and starts giving you a blowjob. You masturbate him, grabbing his big dick with your hands to give him pleasure. After the foreplay, he sits on top of you and rides you in cowboy while you stick your cock in his ass. He turns around and you fuck him in reverse cowboy. But he wants to be inside of you too: while you are laying down, he fucks you hard. Next, you have sex in doggy-style and missionary sticking your cock in his ass while he masturbates himself. He can’t hold it any longer and he cums over himself. After that, you jerk off a bit because you are about to come and, at the end, you cum over his stomach too!

Date: 13 июня, 2024

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