My First Anal VR Intercourse


Craig Marks and Sailor are dating and today is the day that they are going to have sex. It’s the first time for Sailor, but, as he says, he trusts Craig to show him how to do it. He can’t wait for doing anal with him! They start to kiss and touch between them, and then both get naked.The action starts with Sailor giving Craig a blowjob. Then, he turns around and Craig stirs up Sailor by touching his butt, and after that he sticks a dildo inside Sailor’s ass, slowly and gently. But Sailor wants him to be inside of his ass, so he sits on top of Craig and that one sticks his dick inside of him. Wow! He can’t believe how good this feels! Sailor sticks his dick inside Craig’s ass too, while he masturbates himself. They will keep fucking in different positions until they cum. His first anal sex was awesome!

Date: 14 июня, 2023

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