Stress Relief Together


Nik Fros sits across from you, engrossed in coloring within an adult coloring book as a means to unwind from the day’s stress, his headphones enveloping him in his chosen music. Unable to resist admiring his handsome features, you find your gaze lingering on him. Sensing your attention, he removes his headphones and leans in, interrupting your reverie with a playful comment about your distraction. Before you can respond, he surprises you by taking your hand, guiding one of your fingers to his lips. His sensual licking sends a shiver down your spine. He seats himself on the table, inviting your touch. His arousal is evident as you pinch his nipples, his own touch wandering to his growing hardness.You take out his cock and masturbate him. Then, he turns around so you can see his rounded butt. You stick one finger inside his ass and he moans. Then, you stand up and he kneels to give you a blowjob. He turns around again and you fuck him from behind. After that he lays down and you keep having sex with him. He can’t help himself and moans the whole time. You fuck in different positions until both of you cum.

Date: 13 июня, 2024

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