Beer & Sauna


You are in the sauna, enjoying the warmth and relaxation when AresReiv bursts in with exuberance, bearing mugs of beer in hand. With a cheerful toast, you drink a sip. As AresReiv takes a larger sip, a fit of laughter overtakes him, causing the beer to spray across your body. But he says that you don’t have to worry because he loves beer. That’s the moment when he kneels and licks the beer from your skin. He starts from your leg, then he licks and kiss your chest which makes you hard. He turns his attention to your cock, his actions fueling the heat of passion in the steamy confines of the sauna.After a blowjob, you desire is grown and you start to have sex in the sauna. You stick your cock in AreReiv’s butt in doggy position against the bench. But he wants to be inside of you too, so you move to the floor and he sticks his cock in you. You keep having sex in different positions until he gives you another blowjob so you can cum.

Date: 13 марта, 2024

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