Morning Caffeine


You had a very good time last night and Magnus Loki is making you coffee! He hands a cup to you. After a few sips, he approaches you, gently taking hold of your hand. Maintaining eye contact, Magnus tell you: “Don’t be nervous… I had a great time with you yesterday”. Simultaneously, Magnus begins a tender caress, starting from your chest and gradually moving down to the belly button, creating an intimate moment.Then he takes your dick at the same time you take his and starts masturbating each other. He kneels after that because he wants to give you a blowjob. Then, he turns around and bends towards the counter so you can grab him and fuck him from behind. Now, sitting down on the sofa, you have sex in cowboy while he grabs your nipples to give you more pleasure and in reverse cowboy. You fuck him in missionary while he masturbates himself at the same time. You both cum together all over his body.

Date: 3 января, 2024

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