Triple Shower


The first time of Josh Moore Falcon/Nakedsword Exclusive in VR is going to be astonishing!Josh Moore Falcon/Nakedsword Exclusive is in the shower. You just came out and you are sitting on a chair, watching how the water runs over his amazing and muscled body. You start to touch yourself because seeing him spreading the soap in a provocative way is turning you on.He gets out the shower and goes directly to you. He kneels and starts to masturbate you while you stick one finger inside his mouth, making you both get hornier. Next this he does: to give you a blowjob. He spits on his own dick so you can masturbate him while he takes your hands to guide you. He sticks his cock inside of you when you take your legs with your hands to be wide open for him. He lays down on the floor and you sit on top of him: after fucking him in cowboy, you masturbate yourself until you cum over his chest. Time to take another shower!

Date: 17 декабря, 2023

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